Spiritual Message and Teachings of Master G – part 2


PART 2 | The content of this book has been compiled with the use of the books by Konstantin Serebrov and earlier transcriptions of conversations between Vladimir Stepanov (Master G) and Konstantin Serebrov and other disciples of the School.

A modern Christian Hermeticist, Konstantin Serebrov, was born, like Gurdjieff, in the Caucasus region in the fifties of the last century, though in the northern section. His father, an accountant by profession, belonged to the gentry of one of the southern Russian provinces, and his mother was a Cossack. Contrary to Gurdjieff, Serebrov began  his spiritual development with the teachings of the East, from the tender age of twelve and he already had a spiritual mentor who belonged to one of the Theosophical groups in Leningrad (former and present St. Petersburg), Alexey Zhoukovsky. In the Caucasus Zhoukovsky lead an unobtrusive life in a resort town, where he meditated and practised Kriya yoga.  Serebrov grew up in the Russian ‘mystical Underground’ and studied the different spiritual traditions of the East like Kriya, several meditation techniques and yogas of the Hindu tradition, Tao alchemy, Tibetan teachings, Castaneda, and he also practised them. However, he dreamt of meeting a spiritual Master, because, as he put it, despite experiencing deep inner states such as regularly leaving his physical body, cosmic consciousness and such spiritual activities, he still fell back into the everyday routine without a trace of the higher states.  His life changed when he met a mysterious person, who preached the dawn of an epoch of spiritual freedom for mankind in the entire Universe, due to the growing influence of the Holy Spirit. As a result of following this man, Serebrov converted to this faith and he allowed himself to be baptised into the Russian Orthodoxy. He also studied and exercised the teaching and the practices of the holy desert Fathers.  Serebrov made an attempt, however, to use the power and effectiveness of some breathing techniques which he had already mastered, in order to find depth in the Christian way. He succeeded by combining these techniques with prayer and meditation to cleanse his soul and to restore his lost contact with God.


  • titel: Spiritual Message and Teachings of Master G – part 2
  • auteur: Work Group ‘Atanor’
  • ISBN: 978-90-77820-85-8  / 9789077820858




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