Follow Me


The writer and mystic Konstantin Serebrov was born and grew up in the Northern Caucasus. From a young age he took a keen interest in Hindu mysticism and the concept of enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. In the Caucasus he studied the works of Hindu gurus and practiced various techniques to develop consciousness under the guidance of the Russian mystic, Alexey Zhoukovski, who was a member of an esoteric group inspired by the teachings of the Masters of Seven Rays, and he sought contact with the Masters El Moria, Kuthoumi and Saint Germain. When in his thirties, Serebrov became interested in the traditions of Western and Eastern alchemy and studied and practiced the alchemical doctrines for many years. More about alchemy and Konstantin Serebrov:

‘Follow Me’ is the first book of his trilogy ‘Lessons of Master G’ and tells about the life of a young person, called Kasyan, who strives to come to know the higher, inner nature of man. In his search for spiritual guidance he finds an unusual man, who turns out to be a Master-alchemist. Kasyan has to leave his habitual way of life behind and partake in the incomprehensible mission of his Master. On this journey Kasyan is accompanied by his friend and disciple Gouri. Together they enter the ‘alchemical laboratory’ of their Master, hoping to learn from him how to find the ‘alchemical, inner gold’, which stands for the highest spirit of man. Kasyan and Gouri are happy to discover that there are interesting women who also are studying the secret spiritual knowledge and they receive useful lessons from them.

  • titel: Follow Me
  • auteur: Konstantin Serebrov
  • ISBN: 978-90-77820-36-0 / 9789077820360